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Transportation plays an important role in international trade. Companies need to choose the right shipment method to ensure they receive and ship their goods quickly. There are several factors that influence a company’s decision to use a type of transportation. These factors can be related to business needs, destination country and type of goods. When a business buys or sells its goods, it must offer the fastest way to deliver the goods and satisfy the customer. Road, sea, rail and air transport are the four ways of import and export. As a first step, the company must consider all the goals of its project. The weight and type of product is very important. For example, for transporting food, medicine or fruit, speed is important and choosing the shortest and fastest route is important.

Shipping cost is another very important element. Destination, country law, value of goods, transport risk are other things to consider and depend on customer needs. Our company with a long history in clearance and international trade relations, as well as benefiting from expert experts and having representation in different countries, including the Czech Republic and neighboring countries, and based on international and highly specialized standards, offers the fastest ways to transport goods to our customers. Gives. And during this process, it always polls its customers and accompanies the customer until the goods are delivered to the desired location

A part of the company's air transport services is as follows:

1- Express and door-to-door shipping of consignments

2- Purchasing, carrying, and delivering your goods from every part worldwide in any specified place

3- Providing handling services and fueling to all air cargo companies

4- Performing all the customs formalities and obtaining licenses of (freights, exports, imports, and transits)

5- Free monitoring, presenting and consulting of services corresponding to cargo packing and carrying

6- UN packing and carrying various types of dangerous goods according to IATA Regulations

7- Special carrying of live animals of any kinds (horse, sheep, cow, fish, dog, cat, bird, etc.) according to IATA Live Animals Regulations

8- Air and sea transport of any type of products including (household appliances, agriculture crops, industrial equipment, etc.)

9- Insurance of goods, 24-hour support, cargo storage, different types of airplane chartering and so forth…