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Foreign Trade Services

1- Providing foreign trade services such as export of goods from the countries involved in the transaction of Iranian traders
2- Supplying imported goods needed by producers and sellers throughout the country
3- Determining the most appropriate method of transportation for goods purchased from the official bases of the country such as air, sea, land, and rail
4- Negotiating and buying imported goods from the top producers in the world and with the highest quality imported goods
5- Determining the cost price of imported goods, by applying all costs imposed on the goods, such as purchases at the origin, foreign transportation, and customs
6- Determining and proposing the most appropriate method of transporting imported goods by the type of goods and the origin of the goods and the time of transportation
7- Pursuing and receiving the required licenses for imported goods from the relevant organs and ministries
8- Registering the order of imported goods in the comprehensive trade system of the country using experts with experience in national systems
9- Determining and presenting the correct and accurate tariff of goods (HS Code) by the imported goods of customers based on the catalog and product information
10- Comparing customs tariffs included in each imported product and selecting the best tariff to reduce importers’ customs costs
11- Predicting the collision of related devices and customs with imported goods and removing obstacles before declaration and import of goods
12- Using a valid customs clearance card as the safest customs clearance reference in customs throughout the country
13- Using the latest changes in the Comprehensive Commercial System (IR.NTSW) as well as the EPL system based on daily issued directives from related organizations and bodies
14- Performing all the steps related to receiving and allocating the required currency based on the updated methods provided by the Central Bank of the country.
15- Using the appropriate currency source to expedite the allocation of currency to imported goods using government currencies
16- Carrying out all stages of foreign exchange operations in the branch and the Central Bank of the country
17- Declaration and clearance of goods imported to customs in the fastest possible time according to the type of goods, shipping conditions, and type of packaging
18- Presenting the newest method of purchasing goods using the best international goods without paying money in the purchase and only using the existing or produced goods
19- Performing international purification of goods using the international purification chamber of this company in Iran and other countries
20- Using the latest version of 2020 INCOTERMS and determining the most appropriate conditions for the transfer of international responsibility for foreign trade
21- Providing advice in all areas related to foreign trade and customs clearance services
         – Providing expert advice in the following areas:
         – Specialized tariff advice
         – Expert advice on the value of goods
         – Specialized clearance advice
         – Expert advice on foreign purchases and currency
22-  Providing expert advice in the following areas
         – Specialized tariff advice
         – Expert advice on the value of goods
         – Specialized clearance advice
         – Expert advice on foreign purchases and currency
23-  Conducting market research on export goods and monitoring target export markets
24- Simplifying the import of raw materials for factories all over the country by using the barter feature