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Research and Development

The Ayandehsazan Analytical Business Enterprise Research and Development (AABERD) database presents annual data on Research and Development (R&D). It also presents expenditures by industry and was developed to provide analysts with comprehensive data on business R&D expenditures. AABERD incorporates a number of estimations that build upon and extend national submissions of business enterprise R&D data by industry.

Solenoid valve

If you are familiar with the concept of electromagnetism, you know that an electric magnet can be achieved by making a coil and connecting an electric current to it. Solenoid valves are made from this simple physical concept. The main component of solenoid valves is the solenoid, which is located in the center of the valve and through which the needle of the valve passes. There is also a valve coil around the solenoid. As the current in the coil is connected, the solenoid acts as the core of this electric magnet, moving in a linear fashion and moving the needle of the valve. The advantage of solenoid valves over mechanical and manual valves is that they can be controlled remotely. Electric current can be established remotely and the fluid flow path can be opened or closed. Another point is the speed of response of solenoid valves to current changes. By installing different types of valves, fluid flow control can be managed

Silica gel

You can use silica gel packs as a dehumidifier and desiccant in many products. In addition to being used in industry and packaging of goods, this material can also have many household uses.
It should be noted that silica gel is able to absorb water and moisture up to 40% of its weight. Note that these packages should be kept out of the reach of children If you use it in food packaging, make sure it is sealed; Because although this substance is non-toxic; But if it enters the body is not decomposed and It will remain the same. Therefore, it may cause suffocation in children and adults.