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 Ayandehsazan Company started operating since 2019 in an effort

of innovation in Export  Management.

This company operates as an exporter of companies producing Iranian food and knowledge-based products such as Potato Starch
Potato Starch is being produced in Iran with European standards and quality, and Iran is the only producer of this product in the Middle East.

     Starch and its Derivatives
Starch is a polymeric carbohydrate containing several units of glucose, which is produced by most  green plants as energy storage. Potato starch contains; 20-25% amylose, 75-80% amylopectin and       has about 15-18% moisture and 0.35% ash.
Starches and its derivatives are used in food industry (confectionary, dairy, pasta and noodles, soups and sauces, snacks, coating, bakery products, meat, poultry, fish and seafood) and industrial products (adhesive materials, textiles, constructions additives, ceramic materials, environmental, paper).

     Properties of potato starch
High consistency in pasting phase and reduces viscosity after heating.
Excellent protective film-creating properties.
Strong water absorption power.
Low gelatinization temperature (68-72 °C) compared to other starches.
Transparent gel and paste formation due to high purity.
Bland flavor without any extra after taste.
Higher degree of swelling in comparison to other starches.
Large size of starch granules which makes it suitable for filter aid

      Potato Starch Application in Food Industry
As a thickener in a variety of confectionary fillings.
As a film and texture component in a variety of cheeses.
As a glazing, typing, and natural glue in the bread and confectionary industry.
Texturizer and thickening in a variety of formulas of ready-made soups and canned food.
Replacement of wheat flour in gluten free products such as bread and cookies.

As a texture and water binding in meat products such as sausages (the best option due to the low gelatinization temperature, which correspondence to the cooking temperature this product).
As filter aid and filter coating in yeast industry.
As a glaze and film formation in dried fruit industry and a variety of edible nuts.

       Innovation, Quality, Product Groups
Native starches precisely tailored to meet the customers need, high quality derivatives and a certified quality management system guarantee that our customers receive optimal and consistently high product quality.
Innovative starches and starch derivatives for various applications in the different industries through large investments, extensive research and technical expertise can be provided.
Our research group constantly develops new starch products to meet the markets ever- changing demands.

       Proven Quality
The concept of quality is the highest priority throughout the entire supply chain. This is constantly checked by the application technologist at the onsite laboratory.This product is fully certified in order to meet the high quality requirements of the customers.