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In all countries of the world, customs are responsible for controlling the import and export of various goods. Every cargo that is supposed to cross the borders of a country must first formalize customs clearance and clearance procedures. We will explain here about Iran’s customs.

Iran is one of the most active countries in the field of export and import, due to its geographical location. All trading companies that intend to import to Iran should be familiar with the Iranian Customs regulations.

The import of goods to Iran in the first half of 2016 was more than one billion and 316 million tons. This volume of cargo that arrived in the country has been cleared from various customs. and it has reached the owners of the goods by Iranian Customs brokers such as Ayandehsazan Company

Ayandehsazan Company as an Iranian Customs clearance Agent uses the best Iranian customs clearance brokers. Our team is dominant in Iran custom law and offers you the best way to import to Iran. Kara Company provides its services to international merchants and manufacturing and trading companies in the field of customs procedures and customs clearance in Iran. If international companies or traders need information about Iran customs tariff or Iran customs rule, they can rely on our Iranian customs consultants

Our services contain

Our clearance services contain Door to door shipments from China, UAE, and other countries.

Performing custom formalities (Clearance, Commodity Declaration, Evaluation, etc.) .

  • Order registration.
  • Obtaining the necessary permits from related organizations such as Iran National Standard Organization, Ministry of Culture & Islamic  Guidance, Organization of Regulation & Radio communications, Center of Intellectual Development of Children & Adolescents, etc  
  • Issuance of Inspection Certificate.

Therefore; for all international traders who are interested to enter into this market, we recommend to use the services that, Ayandehsazan will provide for the