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About us

Ayandehsazan Eghtesad Moghavemati represents knowledge base services such as market analysis and market research. Iran has the most complex import duty system to calculate all over the world! We report all kinds of expenses for import to Iran and support your trade and exportation to Iran with our consultants who offer you the best methods to decrease your trade costs. Also, we can offer the best Iran trading companies and do as your Iran’s trading partner in your importing to Iran operation. Advising and matching Iran customs tariff for your goods and freight forwarding for the ship to Iran are some of our abilities.

We support you to achieve all our common goals.
We believe by using experienced experts in the field of economics, finance, and customs we can:

1- Continue and promote activities in strategic sectors (health, food, oil, gas and petrochemicals, and transportation)
2- Finding the right customer for your export goods in the fastest and safest way
Achieve our goals!
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Our Vision

A World Without goods Discrimination.

In the age of globalization, all businesses are required to operate in an international environment with attention to global markets. Companies cannot ignore the enormous environmental changes caused by this global trend.

Today, even local service companies are not immune of the global technology changes. Trade has long played a crucial role in the transfer of culture and the integration of the world. Nations need to export and share products and technologies that affect other parts of the world in order to profit.

This act appears to be in the financial interest of the inventor or leading nations. But it has an amazing mechanism for advancing justice and sharing the benefits of technology and increasing the welfare of societies.

Technology only monopolizes in the country of its patents for a few years and after a while, due to the high economic cost of production in developed countries, they will inevitably have to produce in developing countries and, after some time, even lead them to import from these countries to its motherland.